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An insightful initiative, Who We Are, provides an inside look into the personal lives of the MIT Recreational Sports staff.  Each month, a member of the team will provide an insightful passage about their personal goals, accomplishments, and even setbacks.  Make sure to check back frequently for updates!

April: Shelby Krider, Assistant Director, Member Services, Alumni/Wang Center

Growing up, I played a ton of basketball in barns, baseball in backyards and ran around the woods for hours on end.  Traveled all over Indiana, Michigan and Ohio playing in softball tournaments. For a few years, I even power lifted in a back alley mom-and-pop style gym.  I umpired little league softball for several summers.  Being around sport, being a part of a team, helping others to be better has always been so gratifying for me.  So, I went to college to pursue the natural profession… architecture.

During my sophomore year at Ball State University, I changed majors to the dreaded “undecided”. And yeah, it was as scary as it sounds, at least for me.  Shortly after, I found the Sport Administration track and began pursuing that with the intention of becoming a High School Athletic Director or Parks & Recreation Professional – something working with young people in sport.  During one class, the BSU Associate Director of Campus Recreation came to speak about his profession – one that I hadn’t really given much thought, if any.  He singled me out and asked why I wasn’t working for him if recreation was what I wanted to do. Turning point 1.  Within the week, I interviewed with them.  Over the next two and half years, if I wasn’t in class I was at the rec center.  I grew to love all the aspects of what facilitated a good workout or pick-up game for the BSU community.  As graduation neared, I landed an internship at MIT in Recreational Sports Member Services (labeled Customer Service at the time).  Turning point 2.  Within the year, a Coordinator position was offered to me and later, taking on more, I advanced to the Assistant Director role.  One year in the Big City has turned into nearly seven.

On a more personal level, I’ve managed hypothyroidism for a little over 10 years and had sort of become numb to the fact that one little pill will regulate my mood, weight loss, fatigue, etc., etc. for the rest of my life.  Turning point 3.  Recently, I found that Hashimoto’s Disease probably has always caused my under-active thyroid.  Now, this isn’t a serious disorder, but the shock of learning that I have an auto-immune disorder has definitely sparked a new or revived interest in my own personal health and well-being.  I’ve researched suggested foods for thyroid health and keeping a more consistent workout schedule.  These days it’s mostly boot-camp class, social 5K’s, hikes and bike rides.  Competition isn’t something I really pursue anymore, but I’m up for anything that involves sunshine, a little dirt and camaraderie.

Embrace your turning points, whatever they may be,



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An insightful initiative, Who We Are, provides an...