May 18, 2020

Meet Our Registered Dietitian Emilie Burgess!

Meet Our Registered Dietitian, Emilie Burgess!

Emilie is our Registered Dietitian here at MIT! She offers nutrition coaching to help improve and strengthen the relationship between body and nutrition!

A little background on Emilie:

Emilie completed her bachelor’s degree in Dietetics at the University of Connecticut where she also competed as a Division I tennis player. Emilie then went on to complete her Master of Science in Nutrition and Food Science as well as complete a dietetic internship at West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV. She then began her dietetic career at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Boston as a Clinical Dietitian, prior to accepting a position at the Cambridge Eating Disorder Center (CEDC) as a Registered Dietitian. Along with her inpatient and eating disorder experience, Emilie has volunteered for two U.S. Division I sports nutrition programs!

Along with her role as a Registered Dietitian at MIT Recreation, Emilie works at Home Base, a Red Sox Foundation, Massachusetts General Hospital program and at Laura Moretti Nutrition LLC. Her primary areas of interest are sports nutrition and eating disorders.


Why Emilie became a Registered Dietitian:

Emilie’s interest and fascination with nutrition started during her time as an athlete in college after being exposed to a sports dietitian. As an athlete, Emilie found it was important to fuel your body correctly and, after implementing some dietary changes, Emilie learned firsthand the positive effects of a balanced diet.

In order to combine her love of sports and nutrition while helping others, Emilie became a dietitian! Now Emilie gets to connect with people and leave a lasting positive effect on their lives.


Emilie’s Health and Nutrition Philosophy:

Emilie believes that all foods can fit! Emilie believes in challenging the labels that the world has placed on foods, such as good or bad, and leveling the playing field, making all foods equal. She educates her clients on how to improve their relationship with food and their bodies, whether their goals are performance based or just overall health and wellness. Emilie recognizes how important that relationship is and aims to really help her clients find a comfortable and healthy balance.


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