July 23, 2018

Want a Tough Workout? Try these 3 GroupEx Classes

Fitness is a journey over a lifetime, and we mean that in a good way! The world of exercise and wellness offers so many new challenges to attempt, from CrossFit to Sailing, and everything in between.  And while it’s great to be a beginner, at a certain point you may start looking for more than introductory classes or easy, quick workouts. You may start looking for that are ‘tough,’ that get your heart really pumping. Group Exercise can be a great place to really break a good sweat. These three classes in particular are perfect for those looking for a challenge.

tough workoutHIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

About the Class: HIIT is a fast-paced workout that will help improve both your cardiovascular fitness as well as muscular power. Singles exercises, from mountain climbers to jumping jacks, are performed at a high intensity for short burst of time, followed by a brief (but important) recovery period. Classes are shorter in duration (under an hour), but very high-energy. The exact format of each class tends to change, so each week is a new challenge. This non-stop, cardio based workout is guaranteed to get your heart pumping so well, it should only be on your workout schedule 2-3x per week, max.

How to Get a Tough Workout: HIIT is a timed-exercise class format. To get in a tough workout, push yourself to the (safest) limit for each high-intensity session. Feel free to request tougher modifications for each exercise for even more challenge. Gauge your personal exertion level through monitoring your heart rate, and fully recover your heartrate between sessions.


tough workout

Spin or Cycle

About the Class: This class takes place on spin bikes, which are specially designed stationary bikes. They allow the rider to not only track their distance and time, but also adjust the resistance on the wheels through a nob or dial. During class, the instructor guides participants through speed drills, simulated hill climbs, interval trainings and endurance rides. Upbeat music is often played to add fun, energy and synchronicity to your ride. This class is a great cardio workout and a lot of fun!

How to Get a Tough Workout: Spin instructors will often indicate a range of exertion that riders should be in different stages of the workout. Instead of asking for a specific speed or resistance level, they might use a number system that correlates to each rider’s individual level of exertion (IE 1 for low exertion, 10 for maximal). To make this class a tougher workout, increase your resistance or speed to push yourself to higher levels of exertion.


tough workout


About the Class: This nonstop, powerhouse workout combines strength and cardio intervals to burn calories and get your heart pumping. Classes incorporate a variety of circuits that use the step, BOSU, jump rope, and floor drills. No two bootcamp classes are alike, and rest time between sets in often minimal.

How to Get a Tough Workout: Bootcamp classes utilized timed sets for each exercise. To increase your exertion, aim to execute as many rounds as possible each set. Many exercises will have alterations offered to make them easier or more challenging as well. You can also increase your weights, or add weights to exercises that are based on bodyweight.

tough workout

Are you ready to take on new challenges in your fitness routine, and tackle a tougher workout? Check out our Group Exercise schedule to find a class that works for you.