Due to COVID-19, Private lessons are limited to Personal Training (indoor + remote), Private Swimming Lessons, Golf Lessons (indoor + remote) and Tennis Lessons (outdoor + indoor). See details below.

Our programs provide you with quality instructors, trainers and coaches so all you need to do is make the commitment. Available to students, members and non-members, Private Lessons are a great alternative to a static routine to help keep your mind and your muscles stimulated. To purchase Private Lessons log in, then click on Account Information, followed by Buy Series Sale. Using the drop down menu in the Service Category, select the category you’re interested in, then the specific service. Click Submit to view options.

Purchase Lessons Need Help?

To purchase, log-in to your account and select “Account Information” then “Buy Series Sale”. Next, choose “Scheduler”in the dropdown menu, and then select a specific type of lesson. After your purchase, you will be contacted with 48 hours to schedule your lesson(s).