Massage Therapy is a service available for Members only!  Please join our membership to enjoy this program! 

New Massage Therapy Availability:  We now have two new massage therapist and have more sessions available on Monday’s 11:30-5:30pm, Tuesdays 10am-2pm, Thursdays Noon-6pm and Fridays Noon-6pm.  Using our App is the best way to book:


Special Notice to Patrons Using our Massage Therapy Program

When booking Massage therapy sessions in our App there is an additional 15minutes included in your booking to allow for room turnover. If your massage is 30minutes long, when booking you will see a 45min window and so on. We are excited for this new change!

With massage therapy, you choose your preferences from the length of your massage to the type of therapist you’d like, and we do the rest. Meet our Massage Therapists, who are available with a range of disciplines that include: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports and Injury Prevention, Pre-Natal and Post-Natal. Step 1: purchase a package through the MIT Recreation Mobile App.


Private Massage

Massage Therapy Rates Per Hour Member
30min Session (Scheduled as 45mins) $50
60min Session (Scheduled as 75mins) $90
90min Session (Scheduled as 105mins) $135

Interested in Massage, but want to learn more?

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Learn more about how our massage therapy operations.