On the first day of camp of every week, campers will test into a swim level. The test is given by our certified aquatics staff and determines what your child will be learning for the week during our instructional swim block. All campers will participate in two swim blocks daily. The first swim block in the morning is instructional swim. The second swim block in the afternoon is free swim. During instructional swim, campers will be placed with others who are on the same level as them. With at least 2 instructors, children will learn skills to improve their swimming. During free swim, campers have the opportunity to play pool games with their friends.

At the end of every week, campers are given a certificate. On this certificate, comments are made to let the parent know how the child did during the week and gives a recommendation on what swim level the instructor believes they will be a good fit for, if they continue to return to camp.

Below is a description of each level that we offer for day camp, each level has a variety of skills that they must become proficient at to move on to the next level. All classes review water safety and pool etiquette.