Nutrition Coaching

Eating for Your Lifestyle = Eating for Success

Whether your goal is for weight management, athletic performance, or medical condition management, our nutrition program can provide you with the tools you need to sustain a meal plan that fits your personal lifestyle. To register for nutrition coaching, login or create an account then select “nutrition coaching” from the series sales menu. Options include coaching by phone, video or in-person sessions.




Nutrition Coach Intro
This is a mandatory first step to your nutrition journey. You will meet your coach, discuss your eating habits, and explore healthier options .
Member: $80
Non-Member: $88
Follow-up for Success
One additional session with your nutrition coach that will provide you with useful tools, like how to organize your refrigerator for success.
Member: $70
Non-Member: $78
Short-term Preparation
Five additional sessions with your nutrition coach. Each will cover specific tools to fit your unique lifestyle, like proper meal preparation.
Member: $315
Non-Member: $351
Season-long Support
Ten additional sessions with your nutrition coach that will cover specific tools, help you implement those tools, and make any needed adjustments.
Member: $595
Non-Member: $663


How Nutrition Coaching Works

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