December 1, 2021

Kids in the Kitchen: a quick, Easy, Healthy Dinner For All!

Growing up in the kitchen can have many benefits for children. Not only will they have a basic understanding of kitchen safety, but exposure can also assist in developing a healthy relationship with food. The knowledge they learn in the kitchen with you today is the gift of self-sufficiency tomorrow. Below is a kid-friendly recipe to get you started.   

Recipe: Asparagus, tomato, and chicken sausage with Penne and pesto  

 Ingredients – yields about 6-8 servings   

1 bunch of asparagus  

1 yellow squash (med size)  

1 pint of cherry tomatoes  

1 package of chicken sausage (leave out for vegetarian)   

1 box of penne pasta   

1 small jar of pesto  

Shredded parmesan cheese   



Boil pot of water  
Prepare veggies (half the tomatoes, trim the asparagus, slice yellow squash. The kids can help with washing the vegetables. After you cut the vegetables, have the kids break off the asparagus ends and put them into mixing bowls.
Sauté vegetables and chicken sausage with a tablespoon of oil. Don’t overcook!
Boil pasta and drain
Toss the pasta, veggies, and sausage together with a couple of tablespoons of pesto (kid task)
Serve with sprinkled parmesan