October 31, 2017

5 Steps to Help Maintain a Healthy Weight (even through the Holidays)

Ah, the Holiday Season. A time for family, friends and celebration. Unfortunately, with all those extra get-togethers, celebratory meals, cookies (and stress), it can be difficult to manage weight. So just how do you navigate your way through the months of extra desserts without the extra pounds? Try these 5 steps below, and get on track to maintain a healthy weight this year.

5 Ways to Maintain Your Weight - plate

The half-your-plate trick

It’s no fun, and probably not realistic, to forgo every unhealthy meal or treat of the Holiday season. So don’t. Instead, go for the healthiest, lightest items on the menu first – salad, steamed veggies, etc. Fill half your plate with these, and the other half with whatever else suits your fancy. Eat the healthy portions first, and you’ll cut down on your calories without feeling deprived!

5 Ways to Maintain Your Weight - dessert

Desserts for dessert, not appetizers

It’s easy to eat a plateful of cookies when you are hungry, but a lot harder if you have already eaten a meal. Save your treats for after your main meal, and you’ll be happy to enjoy a much smaller portion size. The same goes for making those treats – don’t be hungry while you bake!

5 Ways to Maintain Your Weight - workouts

Don’t cut out your workouts – but scale back if you need to

Fitness can really get pushed to the sidelines this time of year. With so much to do, buy, bake, study for, etc., that weekly CrossFit class or lap swim can get pushed right off the to-do list. But fitness isn’t all-or-nothing. Maybe it’s time to scale back instead. Don’t have time for three workouts each week? Cut them all in half, or try for just 1 or 2.  Maybe you won’t lose any weight or gain any muscle, but you might be able to help maintain a healthy weight. You can always pick up the pace again later!

5 Ways to Maintain Your Weight - Stairs

Be creative with extra exercise

This is a great time of year to add in a little extra activity, but you may have to get creative. Try parking in the furthest lot, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Get away from your desk and go for mini-walks, even 5 minutes helps. It may not seem like much, but over a few months all those extra steps and stairs add up!

5 Ways to Maintain Your Weight - plan

Plan to succeed

Chances are, you have a calendar filled with meetings, classes or events for the season. So why not add your health and fitness plans to it? Block off time to go to the gym or take a quick afternoon walk. Schedule twenty minutes to sit down and write out a meal plan for the next week (even if it’s just for lunches, or just breakfasts). If it’s on your calendar, it will be a lot harder to forget it or push it aside.

Try out a few, or all five, of the steps above this year and enjoy your holidays – all while helping to maintain a healthy weight.