Recreation Made Easy

ENGINEERyourHEALTH® provides MIT Students, Faculty, Staff, Post-docs, Alumni, and Affiliates with tools to manage a healthy lifestyle while balancing work and academics by offering classes, events, and wellness challenges that are free*, convenient, helpful, and fun in an effort to make participation easy.

*While most EYH programs and events are free, some programs like team oriented tournaments may require a small registration fee to ensure commitment.

2018-2019 ENGINEERyourHEALTH Calendar


More programs will be added soon!

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ENGINEERyourHEALTH® provides free health and wellness programs for the MIT Community and is designed to help you make time for recreation. If you are a student who needs more health and wellness opportunities to help with stress management, learn more about ENGINEERyourHEALTH PLUS