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ENGINEERyourHEALTH® provides MIT Students, Faculty, Staff, Post-docs, Alumni, and Affiliates with tools to manage a healthy lifestyle while balancing work and academics by offering classes, events, and wellness challenges that are free*, convenient, helpful, and fun in an effort to make participation easy.

*While most EYH programs and events are free, some programs like team oriented tournaments may require a small registration fee to ensure commitment.

2019-2020 ENGINEERyourHEALTH Calendar

60 Days of Wellness Challenge

November 10, 2019 – January 8, 2020

A free 60-day wellness challenge designed to help the MIT Community maintain balance and manage physical and mental wellbeing while navigating finals, travel, holiday parties, holiday shopping, and other commitments. Ultimately, challenging you to best your best self! Learn More Here

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More programs will be added soon!

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ENGINEERyourHEALTH® provides free health and wellness programs for the MIT Community and is designed to help you make time for recreation. If you are a student who needs more health and wellness opportunities to help with stress management, learn more about ENGINEERyourHEALTH PLUS