June 13, 2017

3 Fitness Books to Inspire Your Workout

Fitness Books

We often seek inspiration when it comes to relationships, child-rearing, or the workplace. Why not also in the gym? Beyond just a YouTube How-To or a new workout plan (which are still great of course…), fitness books written by or about athletes can be inspiring on a whole other level. They share what it’s like to overcome injury, physical limitations, or just the mental outlook we bring to the gym. These stories can cause us to challenge our preconceived notions and fitness goals. Suddenly those burpees don’t seem as exhausting! Check out our three staff picked fitness books below. Each one is an inspiring story in a unique way. They may inspire you to bring your workout to the next level!

Fitness Books

Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman

Although a fictional novel, this book includes a great deal of truth. Think Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – obviously fiction, albeit with facts and true accounts of the 16th US President. Only this book comes with a dose of philosophy and spirit, not monsters and hatchets. The novel centers on author Dan Millman’s college time as an All-American gymnast for the University of California at Berkeley. Despite his immense success and popularity, Dan is unable to sleep at night, but a chance encounter with a mysterious (and wise) man, changes his life forever…

Fitness Books

What Doesn’t Kill Us by Scott Carney

This book is about how far we can push our bodies – and live to tell the tale. Investigative journalist Scott Carney has set out and debunked many claims throughout his career. The basis for this novel is the seemingly outrageous claim by Dutch fitness guru Wim Hof. He claims he can control his body temperature in the harshest of conditions. In fact, Hof has been the study of many scientists all over the world on this topic. Even a quick YouTube search shows him enduring some of the most extreme feats one has ever seen.

Fitness Books

Life Is Not an Accident by Jay Williams

Life Is Not an Accident is Jay Williams’ autobiographical account of his life, basketball career and the years after. At times dark but ultimately inspirational, this book is a fascinating look into the life of a basketball star. Jay Williams provides real stories of what it is like being the consensus best college basketball player in the world. He shares the expectations placed upon a top NBA draft pick. And then he shows what it’s like when all your dreams are ripped away in an instant.



When it comes to planning your gym day, your bookcase (or kindle) may not be the first thing that comes to mind.

Maybe it should be. These fitness books can inspire your own workouts to greatness – while warning of possible pitfalls or dead-ends along the way. They may be tales of amazing feats of physical strength, or about overcoming weakness and loss.  The inspiring fitness books above are just a few of the many out there. Which will shake up your next workout?