June 6, 2017

Continue to Play: Maintaining Balance After Commencement

If you are graduating soon, you know all too well that finding time to balance studying and “playing” (or relaxing, socializing, etc.) at MIT can be a challenge. Hopefully though, with the help of DAPER, you figured it out and a lifestyle of study and play became the norm. The Department of Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation with like to congratulate MIT’s Class of 2017, not only on commencement, but also on finding balance and making your college experience a healthy one!

Tips for Maintaining Balance After Commencement

So what’s next? You are probably wondering how you can possibly replicate the efforts of maintaining an active lifestyle as you move forward to the next chapter of studying, working, engineering, or whatever you have planned after commencement. Will sports and recreation still be as accessible as they are at MIT? Will you still be able to make time?

Don’t be overwhelmed! Some of the same techniques you’ve used as a student can be applied to help you keep the momentum. Below, are some tips and reminders to help you stay balanced during your life after commencement:

Schedule a Break: Choose a frequency that works for you, and schedule time to take a break from your work. Perhaps Monday through Friday during lunch works best. Or maybe every Saturday morning. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s realistic – this break should relieve stress, not add to it! Once you know when you have time for recreation, it will be much easier to play, run, lift, dance, or participate in any activity you enjoy.

Play with Others: Most sports are designed for multiple players, so if something like soccer or basketball is your activity of choice, don’t hesitate to find others that enjoy it too. One way connect with sports enthusiasts like yourself, is through local programs like Social Boston Sports or nationwide programs like My Social Sports. These programs offer sports leagues and events for adults, typically at any level of experience.

Join Forces: The truth is, it’s so much easier to stay active when you have friends to participate with you. Whether you are in the workplace, or continuing your education, invite your peers to join you for a friendly soccer game, a yoga class, or even a quick jog. You may be surprised by the healthy community you can initiate, just by extending an informal invitation.

DAPER for Grad Students, MIT Alumni, and MIT Staff 

Luckily, if you are staying local, or attending grad school at MIT, there’s not much to worry about. Your NCAA eligibility may be over for varsity athletics, but the opportunities to participate in other DAPER activities like physical education, recreation, and club sports are abundant. Here are some opportunities for MIT Graduate Students and/or Alumni that you may not already know about: