November 27, 2017

Gift Ideas for Fitness Enthusiasts

Looking for inspiration on what to get the health-focused or nutrition-cautious friends and family on your gift list? You’ve found it! Below, our swim and fitness experts share their recommendations to help you explore some gift ideas for fitness enthusiasts:

Fitness Gift Guide

Gift Suggestion: TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack III

Chris Lancaster, Aquatic Manager

Why you suggest it: This bag is perfect for keeping all your swimming materials in one location that can easily be picked up when you head out for a swim.  Its mesh sections allow your gear to dry out on the way back home after a swim, which eliminates that nasty soggy water smell. The book bag straps and draw-string make it perfect for on-the-go.

Who it’s great for: This bag is great for any level of swimmer. If you only have fins and goggles, this bag can work for you. If you have fins, kickboard, paddles, pull buoy, goggles, swim cap, shammy, and a water bottle… this bag can work for you.


Gift Suggestion: Anything Garmin watch!

Katrina Ladd, Assistant Fitness Director

Why you suggest it: Because I am an endurance athlete and love the ability to track distance, pace, HR, etc. during my workouts.

Who it’s great for: Runners, swimmers, cyclists, triathletes.

Fitness Gift Guide

Gift Suggestion: The Yoga Bag 14L by Lululemon

Ally Coniglione, Fitness Desk

Why you suggest it: A great way to protect your mat as you travel around the city. Bonus: Include there is a side pocket for your sweaty clothes after your practice.

Who it’s great for: The “on-the-go” yogi.


Gift Suggestion: Instant Pot

Kelsea Forrester, Registered Dietitian 

Why you suggest it: This pressure cooker reduces cook time by making it easy to combine steps (and pans) into one set-it-and-forget-it machine.

Who it’s great for: Anyone looking to improve their nutrition in the new year by cooking more meals from home!

Fitness Gift Guide

Gift Suggestion: Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

Stephanie Smith, Associate Director of Fitness

Why you suggest it: It’s pricey – but if you plan on taking SUP classes or renting boards all summer, it’s worth the investment. It’s super light, but also durable so you know it can withstand the water.

Who it’s great for: Folks who enjoy outdoor adventure and want to be on the water. If you live in a small dorm or apartment – it’s perfect. Storage is like the size of a suitcase. No need for the awkward, large, hard SUP that rents for $50/hour anymore. It’s all yours so you can go anywhere with it.


Gift Suggestion: Swim Outlet – Grab Bag

Francesca Richardson, Swim Instructor

Why you suggest it: You can get good quality swimsuits, goggles, or swim caps for a cheap price.

Who it’s great for: This is a great gift for anyone who likes to swim and loves getting some new gear!

Still not sure what to gift? You can never go wrong with an MIT Recreation Gift Card. Perfect for massage and private lessons!