November 1, 2016

Health and Wellness Holiday Gifts

The MIT Recreation Holiday Gift (Card) Guide – Health and Wellness Holiday Gifts for anyone on your list.

MIT Recreation Health and Wellness Holiday Gifts - Gift Cards

MIT Recreation has a variety of options for the fitness-enthusiasts on your list whether they are recreation beginners, advanced athletes, or somewhere in between. We believe that a little recreation is the perfect gift for anyone no matter what their needs may be. So, to help you match the perfect MIT Recreation gift card with your friends, peers, co-workers, or loved ones, we’ve put together the following guide:

Gifts For Relaxation

Give a Gift Card for Massage

Take a look at everyone on your holiday gift list – we’re sure at least one could use a massage! Giving a gift card for massage could mean giving the gift of much needed relaxation to someone who might be too busy to recognize the need on their own. What makes this a great gift for anyone in the MIT Community, is that it serves as a reminder to the recipient to schedule time for their personal health and wellness. Massage isn’t just about relieving tightness in your muscles, it’s about relieving tension to help you feel more refreshed and focused. So, help someone you know reach a state of calm with one of our massage therapists. (request a Gift Card for Massage)

Gifts For Improving Fitness

Personal Training

The answer to someone’s fitness goal might just be in a gift card, so why not give one? Personal Training is perfect for anyone training for something specific, like a Winter Triathlon, or just looking to improve their well-being. When you give one of our gift cards specifically for PT, the recipient is able to meet a trainer that matches their needs and schedule sessions based on their availability. Personal Training packages are a great way to help someone close to you accomplish their personal goals. (request a Gift Card for Personal Training)

Nutrition Coaching

Do you know someone who is trying to establish better eating habits? Perhaps it’s a parent or a spouse who needs a little help balancing their nutrition. Meeting with a registered dietitian could be the answer and you could help get them get started with a gift card for nutrition coaching. Our program is designed to provide individuals with the proper tools to change their unhealthy habits and sustain best practices. Once you give a gift card for nutrition counseling, we’ll take care of the rest. (request a Gift Card for Nutrition Counseling)

Gifts For Skill Development

Golf Lessons

One thing about winter that is not so appealing, is that we can’t participate in some of our favorite outdoor sports – like Golf. But, for those lucky enough to get a gift card for the MIT Recreation Indoor Golf Range, they can participate all winter long. We have a range of options for golf lessons and open recreation – including our indoor virtual golf experience. For the person on your list who needs the expertise of our in-house golf specialist or who just wants to practice on their own, this gift card could be the best option. (request a Gift Card for Golf Lessons)

Swim Lessons

Don’t let the cold weather keep your friends and family out of the water! We have multiple pools and enthusiastic instructors to provide lessons for youth and adults. Giving a gift card for private swim lessons means you’re providing someone with access to a low-impact exercise or helping them develop new aquatic techniques. Either way, we are sure the gesture would be much appreciated by anyone you know that’s looking to learn to swim or to expand their skills. (request a Gift Card for Swim Lessons)

Ice Skating Lessons

If you know someone who loves the ice or has been wanting to get better at skating, then consider gifting them a gift card for ice skating lessons with one of our instructors. Our ice rink is open through mid-March and is one of the most exciting features of the MIT Recreation facilities. So go ahead, bring some excitement to a friend or family member with this super cool gift. (request a Gift Card for Ice Skating Lessons)

Squash Lessons

Squash can be very competitive or extremely relaxing – that’s one of the reasons why it’s such a beloved sport, especially here at MIT. And chances are, if you are a part of our community, that  you know someone who could use some one-on-one lessons with our squash instructor. Like most of our programs and services, squash lessons are great for beginners or for anyone looking to improve specific techniques. (request a Gift Card for Squash Lessons)


We hope that no matter what gifts you give this holiday season, they bring health and happiness to everyone around you.

Happy Holidays, from all of us here at MIT Recreation.