May 26, 2016

Community Builds Fitness – Margo Miller

You may have heard it before: “Can’t seem to get to the gym? Join with a friend!” But this is not a ploy for gyms to get more members. Working out with friends, in a community that is supportive and friendly, can go a long way towards making the experience fun. When fitness gets fun, it stops being something you need to do – and starts being something you want to do.

This is exactly how Margo Miller, New-Yorker-turned-Bostonian and retired MIT Librarian, started her own fitness journey: exercising with friends. “At college, it was Royal Canadian Air Force exercises with a dorm mate. During my first years at MIT I swam at lunch time. Later a colleague invited me to the then equivalent of Body Sculpt and I was off and running (or lifting as the case may be),” said Margo. Joining a dorm-mate in informal workouts lead her all the way to becoming a devoted Body Sculpt student, a class which she almost never misses these days. “The instructors are terrific and classmates are delightful. There is NO temptation to skip class.” A fitness community extends beyond just the friend you show up with – fellow exercisers become new friends and welcoming, encouraging instructors keep bringing everyone back, week after week.

Margo Miller - Bodysculpt

We hope all of our members find as much friendly community at MIT Recreation as Margo does. We are a diverse group, with different backgrounds, fitness levels, and ages across the spectrum. These things, we think, are what make a fitness community strong and welcoming. There is a place for you here whatever your fitness goals – from Olympic training to beginner swimming to simply getting more active. As for Margo? “As the oldest person in class, I just hope to maintain strength and flexibility.” Chances are, you will find her doing that and more at next week’s class.