June 22, 2016

The Future Hidden in Your Daily Routine – Anupama Tiwari

Variety is the spice of life, but your daily routine is the stuff of it.

The best way to make fitness a big part of your life could be to make it a small part of your daily routine. Sure, landmark moments come in and change the course of life – but the habits we form from those moments end up making up the rest of it.

Anupama Tiwari - Future Hidden in Your Daily Routine - 2

Not every habit change has to be hugely momentous though, and sometimes small change leads to greater things. MIT Recreation Member and Postdoctoral Associate, Anupama Tiwari, understands the long-term power of making simple changes to her daily routine. Her favorite quote puts it well:

“The secret to your future is hidden in your daily routine.
You have to be self-disciplined to spend your time wisely.”

– Michelle Moore

Seven months ago, Anupama made a simple change to her own daily routine; she decided to take some swimming lessons. No big deal, but it was destined to change her fitness future. “I wanted to learn swimming and that is how I got started at MIT Recreation. Later, I wanted to work out and took advantage of personal training lessons. I love both as both the instructors are amazing and help me push myself,” she says.

Anupama Tiwari - Future Hidden in Your Daily Routine - 3

Taking a chance with signing up for swimming opened Anupama to the opportunity of other fitness activities she might enjoy, and now her fitness goals are stronger than ever. “I would like to increase my stamina and strength in addition to learning various swim techniques,” she says. From swimming student to pushing her fitness to new levels – all because she decided to add something new into her daily routine.

What future is hidden in your daily routine? Is it greater health and fitness? We hope it is, and we hope to get a chance to be a part of it. MIT Recreation has classes and lessons and plenty of time for our members to take advantage of all the facilities we have to offer. And we try to foster a community that supports your health goals as well, because the second part of that quote cannot be forgotten – routine takes self-discipline – and we hope being a part of our community helps you in that respect too.