January 25, 2016

Intro to RecSperience

Our community is continuously growing with new members, guests and staff who all share a passion for health, wellness and recreation. Ultimately, we know that we are at our best when we add recreation to our lives. We created RecSperience as an opportunity for the MIT Recreation Community to get to know each other and share some positive vibes.

Our first edition of RecSperience highlights Sara Jahanmir, an MIT Recreation Member since 2014. She says her personal trainer, Ross Hardaway, has helped her change her mind about many of the workouts they do. If she doesn’t like something initially, she gives it a try and learns to enjoy the challenge.

A Quote from Sarah:

“I like the atmosphere. Back home in Germany, very often I was one of the very few and sometimes the only one in the gym early in the morning, especially during weekends. The Z Center opens at 6 am and there is always people working out, even at 6 am. I find that very motivating. My favorite scene at the Z Center [is] people cycling and reading, which reminds me of my parents.”