January 6, 2020

Blake Read

Blake has always lived and breathed sports and now is an accredited personal trainer with a focus on athletic performance. Living life experimenting with all types of sports: varsity soccer and cross country for school sports. He trained under renowned Masters of Taekwondo and ranked at elite levels of sparring nationally. During collegiate studying, Blake got very serious into ultimate frisbee as an outlet for his energy. Lab jobs just weren’t cutting it for this very energetic-guy, so he U-turned and really put his life towards helping individuals train their bodies while also educating on the topic of fitness and mechanics. Blake is now a coach for Northeastern Ultimate as well as Sharon High School Ultimate and works full time helping athletes and others achieve their long term and short term goals in an effective; yet extremely unique way.

Certification: ACE accredited strength and conditioning coach CDC ‘heads up’ concussion identification and awareness Red Cross Pediatric and Adult first aid Red Cross Pediatric and Adult CPR+AED