January 6, 2020

Daniel Oslowski

Growing up in Worcester, MA, Daniel’s passion for science and exercise began during his high school years. Daniel’s strong passion for the sciences led him to study microorganisms during college. After receiving both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in microbiology at UMass Amherst, he was met with debilitating health issues. Following proper treatment and surgery, he took a medical leave during his pursuit at Northeastern University’s Biotechnology Program due to post-surgery complications. He dedicated his time to researching a proper diet and maintaining physical activity to heal himself Daniel, in his words, says he: “made an oath to place my health as my top priority to make life possible again.” His experience has taught him how fitness on a holistic level has tremendous healing effects for body, mind and spirit! Ultimately, he decided to embark on his passion for fitness into a new career path of personal training seven years ago. Daniel continues to share his passion and knowledge of fitness with those who want to improve their health through exercise.