October 9, 2018

Michael Cheng

Michael is originally from Ann Arbor, MI but grew up overseas, living in Japan and China before returning to the US for college. He is a recent graduate from UC Berkeley, where he studied biochemistry, bioengineering, and industrial engineering. During his time in Berkeley, Michael was part of the on-campus strength sports club and learned about powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting. He has competed at local, and state-wide powerlifting meets and is currently training to compete in Olympic weightlifting. He relocated to Cambridge to work as an automation scientist researching cell culture media in the cultured meat industry. After being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in high school, Michael became passionate about health and decided to learn about human physiology to better understand his own body. He now hopes to share his knowledge to support individuals with their fitness endeavors.

Certifications: NASM-CPT