June 16, 2016

5 Simple Yoga Ball Exercises

They’re colorful, they’re bouncy, and they aren’t just for yoga! The Yoga ball can be a great workout tool and a fun addition to your workout routine. There are many, many different moves you can do with them too – from core workouts to balancing techniques. Below we put together 5, simple exercises to get you started!


Mountain Climbers


Begin by placing your forearms on the ball in a plank position. Drive one knee in and then the other while maintaining a tight core. Try and keep the hips level.


Plank Knee Tucks


Start out in a plank position with your feet on the ball and your hands on the floor. Pull both knees in toward your chest and then return to your starting position. Try not to let your lower back sag on the return.


Plank Roll-outs


Start on the knees in an upright position. Place both hands on the ball and roll out until you are fully extended. Slowly roll back in to starting position.


Grab and Pass


Start by placing the ball between your feet. Then lay on your back with your legs and arms fully extended. Crunch your body toward your midline, and pass the ball from your feet to your hands. Steadily lower your arms and legs back to the start position. Repeat, passing the ball from your hands back to your feet.




Start in a plank position with your feet on the ball, then, keeping your knees straight, lift your hips into the air. Slowly return to your starting plank.


If you don’t have your own yoga ball to try out these exercises with, no worries! We have plenty at both the Z-Center and at Alumni! Come try out these moves for yourself and add some fun new exercises to your workout routine!