April 25, 2016

Cas Bresilla – Weight Training for Life

Weight training comes with some pretty great health benefits. It can mean less chance of injury, help maintain weight loss, and improve your coordination. Adding weightlifting to your fitness routine could help you burn even more calories than cardio alone, and could also help you avoid disease like type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis. All great reasons to make weight lifting a solid part of your workouts – just like MIT Recreation Member Cas “CJ Dice” Bresilla does.

Cas’s workout journey started back when he was in his teens. “I played different sports in high school and played college football for a couple of years as an undergrad. I enjoy working out as a recreation and I like to stay in shape.” Making exercise a fun part of life from early on can translate to great healthy habits as an adult.

These days, less football and more weightlifting feature prominently in Cas’s fitness routines. “I love free weights (I’d do it 7 days a week if I had the time).” He keeps it balanced though, adding in variety and fresh air. “I also do cardio workouts, outdoor running and yoga.” And when not outside getting in a run, you can probably find him at Alumni Wang. “It’s very convenient and the interactions with the staff are very friendly, especially at Alumni/Wang Center. I enjoy the workout conditions at the Wang.”

Cas isn’t training for any specific event these days – but he is training for a healthy life. [I] would like to put in as much time as possible in staying in shape.” And the words of one of his favorite quotes are wise words to live by, both inside and outside of the gym: “Be efficient in all tasks, take pride in everything that you do.” If you can seek efficiency in your workouts, and take pride in running and lifting and stretching, it may just benefit you far beyond the walls of MIT Campus Recreation.