July 14, 2023

Get Ready for Fitness Bingo!

Oftentimes, our schedules vary in the summer compared to the cooler seasons. We try to squeeze in BBQs, beach days, road trips, and lengthy vacations all into a few sunny months. It’s easy to get side-tracked on our typical exercise routines, and MIT Recreation is here to help.

We are bringing back Fitness Bingo, and better than ever! Work towards our Raffle Grand Prize of a Deep Tissue Massage Device. Check out our class rundown below and the Official Summer Fitness Bingo rules towards the bottom of the page.

Here is a rundown on our class types:

  • Indoor Cycling
    • Class Titles: Cycle, Express Cycle, Spin & Sculpt
    • Focus: These classes are primarily a challenge for your cardiovascular system, and of course your legs! Be prepared to sweat, and bring plenty of water.
    • Highlights: You determine your own speed, and no one else can see your stats. You go at your own pace!
    • Tips & Tricks: If it is your first time riding indoors at MIT or otherwise, arrive 10 minutes early! Ask for help adjusting your bike, so that you can enjoy the class once it starts. Keep in mind, that indoor spin bikes don’t allow you to ‘cruise’ like you can when riding outdoors.
  • High Impact Classes
    • Class Titles: Bootcamp, HIIT
    • Focus: These classes increase your overall strength, power, and cardiovascular system using various equipment.
    • Highlights: Multiple versions of each exercise are provided to welcome our beginner participants and advanced regulars.
    • Tips & Tricks: Let the instructor know if it’s your first or second time taking a class like this – they can make sure you have the best exercise option for your workout! Don’t be afraid to grab two sets of weights in case you want to go heavier or lighter during a set.
  • Music Based Classes
    • Class Titles: BollyX, Cardio Kickboxing, Kick It by Eliza, and Zumba
    • Focus: Test your cardio, coordination, and concentration in these high energy classes. The sequences are repetitive so participants can catch on.
    • Highlights: Rhythmic based movement is good for your body AND your brain!
    • Tips & Tricks: If you’re nervous about having two left feet, bring a friend! That can lighten up the mood. Want to attend, but looking for a lower impact option? Emphasize movements in your upper body and decrease any jumping or hopping motions.
  • Low Impact Classes
    • Class Titles: Strictly Strength, Mat Pilates, Barre
    • Focus: Low impact classes are beneficial for the joints, as there is no jumping involved. Use dumbbells, body bars, resistance bands, and other equipment to focus on your muscular strength and endurance.
    • Highlights: Strictly Strength uses higher weights. Barre uses lighter weights and is Ballet and Pilates inspired. Pilates uses various props for abdominal work and spinal alignment, which includes the hips and glutes.
    • Tips & Tricks: Make sure to complete each movement with control. Don’t be afraid to grab two sets of weights in case you want to go heavier or lighter during a set. You might be surprised by muscle soreness the next day, so make sure to stretch after class!
  • Yoga (different levels)
    • Class Titles: Fitness Yoga, Heal Flow Yoga, Unwind Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga, Beginner’s Yoga
    • Focus: More than just stretching! Yoga helps focus the mind while improving one’s stability, balance, coordination, and alignment.
    • Highlights: We offer yoga at varying times of day! Try a 7am, noon, of evening class that best fits your schedule.
    • Tips & Tricks: Before class, let the instructor know if you have any conditions, injuries, surgeries, or areas of focus. You can bring your own mat, or we have some for you at the studio!

Now that you have the 411 on classes, let’s get going!


Take class between July 15, 2023 – August 15, 2023 and fill out your BINGO card! Complete 5 boxes in a row to receive a prize. Complete your entire game card to be entered in a drawing for our Grand Prize, a Deep Tissue Massage Device. This program is open to all. Typical Group Exercise fees apply. Make sure to check in for class to confirm your attendance for bingo!

Get your BINGO card during your first class. Send a screenshot of your card to elin7@Mit.edu by August 21, 2023 to win a prize. Grand Prize Winner announced August 23, 2023. Contact fitness@mit.edu with questions.