February 1, 2018

See Inside a Boxing Conditioning Class

Our Boxing Conditioning class is always a great workout, and a fun time! See for yourself in this quick, behind the scenes, time-lapse film:

If you have never tried boxing before, there are plenty of great reasons to consider adding it to your fitness routine. This full-body workout can be a great way to de-stress, as well as tone your upper body. Boxing also helps to build grace, control and hand-eye coordination as you focus in on performing each punch or jab correctly. It can be a great way to shake up your time in the gym.

Boxing Conditioning

More About Boxing Conditioning I & II

Boxing Conditioning I & II provide both the skills of boxing and the physical conditioning that supports it. The first half of each session focuses on the conditioning work, with squats, jumping jacks, and free-weight exercises. These skills improve cardiovascular endurance and strength. The second half of each class moves on to classic boxing skills. This includes bag work and sparring exercises, with a focus on proper punching technique and footwork. The Level I class is open to all levels, and prepares students to further build on their skills in the level II class.

Boxing ConditioningEach course of Boxing Conditioning I or II takes place over the span of six weeks, offering students the chance to sweat together, learn together, and get stronger together. Classes become more than just a time to build on skills – they become a time to build community. We hope to see you there!