April 20, 2016

What Is BollyX?

Tomorrow, April 21st, MIT Recreation will be hosting a free BollyX class outside the Z Center, open to MIT and the surrounding community. If you have ever been to a BollyX Class before, then you know it is sure to be an awesome time!


Maybe you have never even hear of BollyX though and want to know a bit about it before showing up on on Kresge lawn tomorrow. So we asked our own group exercise instructor, Shue-Fen Tung, to give us the scoop on why BollyX is such a workout-hit!

What is BollyX in a Nutshell?

“BollyX is a Bollywood-inspired cardio dance fitness class that will make you sweat and smile at the same time! We encourage you to unleash your inner rock star as you perform to the best beats from India and the world!”

What makes BollyX unique?

“BollyX aims to bridge Eastern and Western cultures with music and dance. You’ll hear and dance to awesome Bollywood songs as well as Top 40 English songs and see how South Asian dance moves can be adapted to Western songs. BollyX is also based on HIIT principles (high intensity interval training) so it is not only fun, it is also effective! You will get your heart pumping and burn up to 800 calories in a single class. Finally, BollyX is geared towards men and women. Dancing in the US has the reputation that it’s for women only, but in India, more men than women are dancing. BollyX has awesome and swag dance moves that are catered to everyone!”

How did it all get started?

“BollyX was founded in June 2013 by Shahil Patel and Minal Mehta right here in Cambridge. They both competed on the Bollywood dance circuit while in college in UC Berkeley and then attended business school and founded BollyX.”

Who should go to a BollyX class and what should they expect?

“BollyX is meant for anyone and everyone! Bring an open mind and positive attitude and be ready to rock your first class! We recommend people wear comfortable fitness clothes and sneakers. Bring water! You’ll need it. The choreography is repetitive just enough so people can learn the choreography, yet varied enough to add challenge and fun. Instructors go through a certification to learn how to teach classes well so that participants can follow along in class.”


About Shue-Fen Tung

Since BollyX was founded in Cambridge, and at MIT to be specific, I had the pleasure of meeting Shahil back in June 2013 when BollyX was just starting up. Since I was already teaching group exercise and already LOVED Bollywood music, it was a no-brainer for me to get involved with teaching BollyX. I went through the first certification training and never looked back. I love BollyX because of the music, the awesome dance moves, that it’s a great workout, that it’s exhilarating to not only teach but also to partake in, and that it puts a smile on everyone’s face!


Join us tomorrow at 5:30PM – its free, its fun and its outside! See you there!