March 22, 2016

Workout Where You Work

It would be great if life always gave you time to hit the gym – but with long commutes, long lists of errands, or just not enough time to make it to one of the MIT Recreation facilities, there are plenty of things to come between you and your desire to stay fit. But what if the gym came to you? What if, say, it was in your work conference room?


PopUp PT
For the employees at the MIT Media Lab, that is exactly where it is. On Tuesdays at 11:15 am and 5:30 pm, MIT Recreation hosts a course of personal training as part of  Wellness Your Way, a program which brings our health and wellness professionals to your office, dorm or other community space. No need to drive anywhere or trek across campus (although a trek is a great workout too!). No need even to get changed. The program is fully customizable and can easily offer light, just-get-moving types of exercises that don’t require workout gear or a post-class trip to the locker showers.


PopUpPT - Media Lab (4 of 6) - 680
For the Media Lab, their classes don’t take up more time than your average meeting, but it maximizes on the time it has. Two trainers team up, Katrina Dryja and Hayley Kessel. While Hayley gently guides the group through stretches and low-impact activity, Katrina goes through some basic fitness coursework. And in the Media Lab conference room, this means you get to write on the wall – and then use it to do some standing push-ups.


PopUpPT - Media Lab (3 of 6) - 680
Since Wellness Your Way is about flexibility and working out wherever you happen to be, it doesn’t have to require any special equipment. But it can use what’s around. So if the chairs all roll, they get used too. Maybe for hamstring stretches…


PopUpPT - Media Lab (2 of 6) - 680
Or whatever this is…


PopUpPT - Media Lab (5 of 6) - 680
Each group that signs up for a Wellness Your Way class, seminar or training has their own unique space to utilize and preferences on what the course should offer. The class setup always stays flexible to make sure each group gets the best workout for their needs.


If getting to Alumni/Wang or the Z-Center is just not practical, grab your coworkers, dorm-mates, or department staff and check out how Wellness Your Way can bring the gym right to where you are.