May 22, 2020

Does Your Golf Club Fit You?

Does Your Golf Club Fit You?

Custom fit golf clubs are an essential part of playing your best golf. One factor in determining proper fit is determining golf club length!  Often golf students will express concern that they think their golf clubs are too short.  And often it is not that their golf clubs are too short but an underlying issue with the players stance.

The golf swing is a unique sports motion for many reasons.  One particular challenge is that the golf ball lies on the ground requiring players to ‘lower’ themselves into position in order to reach the ball.  Therefore, the broader issue with finding the optimal length golf club is a player’s posture.

In golf, players must go from a standing posture to an athletic posture as they set up to make a swing. Owing to the fact the golf ball is not in motion, players have to pay particular attention to the way they arrange their body. Therefore, the issue with golf club length is not that a golf club is too short, but that the player needs to address the way they are hinging from their hips.

When determining what clubs to purchase or whether your current set is the right length for you, check your hip hinge and chances are your current set might fit you just fine!

If you are still unsure about what club is right for you then let us help you!

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