June 21, 2018

10 Ways to Bring Exercise to your Office or Dorm

Finding Time for Exercise

It’s not always possible to get the gym. Long work hours, impending midterms, daycare pick-up duty; life gets hectic and fitness goals get pushed to the sidelines. Not everyone has the traditional time slots available for a gym routine.

So, why not think outside of the box? What about that hour between dinner and studying? How about that quiet slot in your workday on Friday afternoons? Maybe a project is wrapping up and you will have a much welcomed week of calm afternoons (before the next one starts). Maybe it’s still not enough time to get yourself to the gym, but it could be enough to have the gym come to you. And that’s exactly what Wellness Your Way, our mobile-fitness program, is all about. We can work with you to customize a fitness lesson, class, or special event that works with your schedule and your space.

Many of the health and wellness options we offer at the gym can be customized and mobilized – from nutrition lectures to personal training sessions. The possibilities are so open-ended, it can be hard to know where to begin. So here are ten different ways we can make fitness come to you – right where you are – to get you started. Many of these are examples of real programs that already exist around campus.

Exercise Wellness Your Way

 1. Yoga in the Office Conference Room

Bring some peace and calm, as well as fitness, right to the office. Yoga is a popular choice around campus for this setting. You don’t need any equipment and you won’t necessarily break a sweat.

2. Chair Massages to Reward Staff

Boost morale AND promote wellness, by choosing to offer Chair Massage to your staff or team.

Exercise Wellness Your Way

3. Zumba on the Conference Schedule

Plan some fitness right into your next campus conference. Get your attendees up and moving, replacing that 3pm coffee break with some fun and dancing.

4. Meditation as part of a Wellness Initiative

MIT has a strong focus on health and wellness, and chances are your department already has plans in place to promote it. We can come alongside those goals, and offer custom meditation classes or even an ongoing meditation series.

Exercise Wellness Your Way

5. Pop-Up PT in the Office

Bring personal training to your conference room. In the span of a typical meeting, get your office group learning and moving and leaving with more energy than when they arrived.

6. An MIT Fitness Instructor in the Dorm’s Exercise Room

Maybe your dorm already has a gym. Augment it with one of our fitness instructors, and get a custom group exercise class going.

Exercise Wellness Your Way

7. Nutrition Coaching for Athletes at the Next Team Practice

Athletes have different and specific nutritional needs, but don’t always focus on or even know about them. Why not bring custom, performance-based nutrition coaching right to your team room?

8. Prenatal Yoga classes for a Group of Moms-to-Be

We love working with groups, whether it’s a formal club or just an impromptu group of friends on campus. Mom’s and moms-to-be can get a little specialized attention with fitness classes customized for them.

Exercise Wellness Your Way

9. Yoga Added to the Team’s Game-day Routine

Teams that stretch and de-stress together, may just play better together on game day.

10. Zumba/Pilates Classes for a Kid’s Play Group

Kids love to be active, and parents love to find ways to channel that energy well. Why not get your playgroup exposed to the fun and healthy habit of exercise early on?


Fitness and wellness is so crucial to work performance and student life. And yet, it is often the first thing to go when life gets too busy. With some imagination and flexibility though, you can fit healthy routines back into your day – and the days of your coworkers, team mates or fellow students.