October 18, 2018

Meet Rebecca Pettey, a Nutrition Coach Who Empowers Her Clients

How I Become A Nutrition Coach

I always knew I wanted to work in the health field, but nutrition was never a subject I learned about in high school. I entered college with a Major in Athletic Training. After taking a few courses in nutrition, I changed my mind. I had never before put much thought into food, or about how it could affect my health and performance. Every new topic I was able to learn about in school was so exciting. I knew I wanted to take the information I learned and give that knowledge back as a career.

And I love my career. My favorite aspect of being a nutrition coach is serving as a client’s accountability partner. I have the opportunity to get to know every aspect of my client’s lifestyle and what habits they have that affect their food intake. I find new ways to empower them to make decisions around food, rather than just prescribing them a diet during a 15-minute encounter.

Rebecca Pettey Nutrition Coach

My Health Philosophy

When it comes to my own personal nutrition and living to be well, I firmly believe in finding the balance that keeps me both healthy and happy. If I am dieting and depriving myself, that is when I start to feel unhealthy. So, instead, I focus on ways to provide my body with the nutrition that it needs. I meal prep most of my meals and consistently grocery shop on the same day each week. I also take the time to plan out what my dinners are going to look like. On the flip side, I love to find new baking recipes to satisfy my sweet tooth. When it comes to exercise, I love Olympic Lifting and feeling strong – but I also love to run and do yoga!

I am flexible in my diet and with staying active. This translates to me being happy with the decisions I make around food and exercise. One of the major misconceptions about nutrition is that there is a diet that is “one size fits all” out there. Although I am a Registered “Diet”itian, I am far from someone who prescribes – or follows – a diet. I enjoy being able to work with individuals to make slow changes until they have achieved a healthy way of eating that fits their lifestyle.

Rebecca Pettey Nutrition Coach

“How many calories should I eat?”

This is the most common question that I get asked as a Nutrition Coach. The truth is, your diet is so much more complex than just how many calories you put into your body. You could have two identical-seeming people standing next to one another. They could be the same age, gender, height, and weight, and yet have very different caloric needs.

The most common issue people have with eating well is taking the time to prepare. It seems like a lot of work at first to get your meals and snacks prepared ahead of time. But in reality, it ends up saving a lot of time and energy during a stressful week.

Rebecca Pettey Nutrition Coach

The Common Problems that Students Face

I believe the biggest issue students face when it comes to their nutrition is willpower! When a student walks through a dining hall, they have access to so many foods. Those options are both nutritious and maybe not-so nutritious. For many students, they are running on minimal sleep and have a high-stress class load. Making the decision to eat something that satisfies a craving is much easier than choosing to eat well. Choosing to have a plate full of colorful vegetables, whole grains, and protein takes a lot of willpower.

If I could give students just one piece of advice, it would be this: Enjoy your food! Food doesn’t have to just be a way to provide energy. Food can be something that brings people together. It can be something that provides you comfort or brings back a memory of a specific time, etc. Enjoy every single bite!


Meet Rebecca, live and in-person, with a Nutrition Coaching session – she might even bring in some zoodles, her current top favorite food!