April 21, 2017

5 Foam Rolling Moves for Recovery


A hard workout today could mean a lot of soreness tomorrow. Adding foam rolling can help. These simple foam tubes can be used in a number of ways to help massage your muscles – before or after your workout. Rolls come in different densities to fit your preference, and the benefits of using them only increase with time. Why not add these moves to your routine today?

Foam Roller - HamstringsHamstrings Roll

For this move, place the foam roll under the back of your legs. Lift your body up and support yourself with your arms placed slightly out behind you. Roll forwards and back, being careful not to roll your joints. Twist slightly at the hip to hit all angles of your hamstrings.

TIP: Stack your legs to apply more pressure.

  Foam Roller - Calves Calves Roll

For this move, position the foam roll down under your calves. Support yourself as you would for the hamstrings, and roll back and forth. Option to stack your legs for added pressure, and to twist at the hips to hit all angles of your calves.

TIP: This move is great for runners, as it may help to alleviate or prevent shin splints.


Foam Roller - IT BandIT Band Roll (Both Sides)

For this move, lay sideways over the foam roller, positioning it under your IT Band. Support your upper body by resting on one elbow, and placing the opposite hand on the ground between it and the foam roller. Roll back and forth.

TIP: Use your top leg to control the pressure


Foam Roller - GlutesGlutes Roll (Both Sides)

For this move, begin by sitting on top of the foam roller, positioning your legs in a ‘figure four’ (lay your ankle over the thigh of the opposite leg, near but not on the knee). Grab the knee of your crossed leg with the opposite arm, and lean towards that knee. Support yourself with the opposite hand, and roll forward and back. Shift as you roll to reach all angles of your glutes.


Foam Roller - QuadsQuads Roll

For this move, lay face-down over the foam roller, positioning it under the tops of your quads. Support yourself with your forearms on the ground, roughly stacking your shoulders over your elbows. Roll back and forth over your quads, twisting slightly at the hip to reach all angles.



Don’t have your own foam roller? Stop by the Z-center or Alumni Fitness floors and use one of ours. Our staff is always available to help or show you any of these moves in person as well. Happy rolling!