August 25, 2023

Get Ready to Rock Group Exercise with the First Week Fitness Festival



MIT Recreation are you ready to rock?!?!?!

(Group Exercise, that is!) 

From September 5-9, we’re dropping the First Week Fitness Festival, our way of letting you sample some of our favorite group exercise classes. The best part? You won’t have to wait in a queue to buy tickets, travel across the country, sit on the ground, or even become a verified fan of Group Exercise – this festival is $5 and at MIT!*

The team’s goal is to energize our back-to-school kickoff week and help create momentum for folks to prioritize exercise with community all semester long,” said Emily Lin, MIT Recreation’s Assistant Director of Fitness, Group Exercise.

Trust us, all of the rockstar classes will be there including headliners like Cycle and Zumba, to other classic crowd- pleasers like Pilates, Strictly Strength, and Yoga.
 Think giveaways, temporary tattoos, coloring pages, good vibes, and workouts! We’ll be dropping capsules about all of the classes on this can’t-miss Fitness Festival on our Instagram!

Get ready to rock, MIT Recreation!

***The Festival is $5 for Students and Members, $30 for Non-Members (includes discounted Day Pass fees).

See below for information about some of our classes offered during the festival. FAQs are towards the bottom of the page:

Vinyasa Yoga: Link breath to movement in this moderately paced yoga flow. Increase flexibility, improve stability, and build on inner strength. 

Zumba: “Ditch the workout, Join the Party”. Zumba is a fusion of Latin and International music/dance themes that create a dynamic and exciting, yet easy to follow, class! It combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations making for a “feel-happy” workout that is great for both the body and the mind!

Pilates: Pilates involves a series of controlled movements that engage both your body and mind. The primary focus is on body alignment, proper breathing, core strength, and flexibility. The mat-based exercises strengthen the muscles around the spine and pelvis to help prevent injuries.  

Barre: This calorie-burning class incorporates principles of ballet, pilates and yoga into one total body workout. This low impact class improves posture, core strength, flexibility, and overall muscle tone with minimal stress on the joints.

Cycle: The ultimate indoor cycling experience! Follow your instructor through a variety of drills such as intervals, speed, and hill climbing. This class is a great cardio workout and a lot of fun! 


  • Where is this located? The Alumni Fitness Center and Wang Pool (Building 57, attached to the Stata Center) 
  • What should I bring? Wear comfortable athletic clothing, bring a water bottle, and grab a friend to come with you! 
  • How do I register for the festival? Download the MIT Recreation app, sign in, click packages, scroll alphabetically to ‘First Week Fitness Festival’, proceed through purchasing.  
  • I registered for the festival. Do I need to sign up for each class? Yes! Each class has a capacity based on the equipment and space.  
  • When can I sign up for each class? Monthly Membership holders will be able to register for class 6 days in advance. Festival and package holders will be able to register 5 days in advance.  
  • How do I sign up for each class? In the MIT Recreation app, click Schedule to see all of the classes. Alternatively, register through the web version.  
  • What time do I arrive for class? We encourage you to arrive 15 minutes prior to class to check in, grab a giveaway, and prepare for class.  
  • I already have a package or Monthly Pass. Will it work for the festival? Yes! All you need to do is register as normal for the classes you would like to attend.
  • I missed the festival, can I still try out classes? Yes! For September only, we will be selling Trial Passes starting September 11, 2023. This package expires September 30, regardless of purchase date. No extensions will be permitted.  
  • Email Assistant Fitness Director Emily Lin at with any questions.