October 8, 2019

Can Body Positivity Help Your Diet?

With the rising popularity of social media nutrition gurus, certain nutrition trends have started to gain a lot more attraction. Although social media may appear to raise awareness for new and healthy diet types, it often creates a lot of confusion! While I’ll never be able to discuss each and every new trend in eating, I hope to help clear up some of this confusion. Which brings me to final, and perhaps favorite nutrition trend: the Body Positivity Movement.

What is the Body Positivity Movement?

The body positivity movement is meant to help people of all body types, genders, ages, etc. learn to accept and appreciate their bodies. Social media would have you believe that being thin means you are healthy. The two are not equal. When we learn how to create positivity within our own bodies, we will have improved energy levels, self-confidence, and happiness; all of which are aspects of a healthy life. Learning body positivity can reduce so many of the stress levels that are associated with reaching a certain number goal.

How Can I Be Body Positive?

Celebrate your body! Here are some tips to promote body positivity for yourself:

  • Find an exercise you love and that makes you happy! Don’t follow the same, boring routine just because it might get you results.
  • Eat foods because you enjoy them not because they might cause weight loss or muscle gain.
  • Create a gratitude journal in which you start to write down the food and lifestyle choices you make for yourself that make you happy.
Body Positivity

Dietitian’s Recommendations

As much as the word “diet” is in my title, it does not necessarily describe what I do for my clients. I aim to take the stress out of food. Stress is what will end up keeping you from your goals! The typical “dieter” will attempt 4 diets per year. What if you stopped thinking about food as a “diet” and just thought about it as your lifestyle?

I wanted to end this series around body positivity. It has become so important in my personal life and in my career. Food is one of the most prevalent things in our lives. If we are stressed out every time we put a bite of food in our mouths, we aren’t living at all.

Do you have more diet-related questions? Whether your goal is for weight management, athletic performance, or medical condition management, our nutrition program can provide you with the answers and tools you need to sustain a meal plan that fits your personal lifestyle.