April 28, 2016

The Health Benefits of Blueberries

Its Blueberry Pie day! So let’s talk about the wonders of the main ingredient, blueberries. The Acai or the Goose Berry may get more health and wellness press these days, but blueberries too deserve some time in the spotlight. Get ready to feel good (or at least better) about indulging in a little dessert!

Reducing Muscle Soreness

Reduce Muscle soreness

Eating blueberries before and after your workout might sound like a nice snack option, but can a little fruit salad really do anything for your sore legs? It can! The high levels of antioxidants in these little berries go to work reducing inflammation within the body, and this study showed that a hearty snack of blueberries just one hour before a run can make a big difference in how you recover after.


Protecting Brain Heath

brain health

With the prevalence of age related brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia on the rise, it may never be too early to start thinking (ha) about your brain health. Lucky for us, a few blueberries today could mean healthy thoughts long into the future. Scientists theorize that the very same properties that keep your muscles from being too sore after a run, may keep your brain in good shape too. Amazingly, it may never be too late for blueberries to help the brain – older adults with early signs of dementia have shown marked improvement in cognition after adding even just blueberry juice into their diet.


Boosting Immunity


Being sick is usually just miserable and inconvenient – you miss work or class, you sneeze and sniffle, you watch terrible daytime TV. A few days later though, and its back to normal. But what happens if your immune system is not working at 100%? Even just everyday stress – from work, exams, and training schedules – can hit your immune system hard. Here again the blueberry comes to the rescue! Habitual blueberry consumption can double your resting immune levels, giving you a nice cushion for any stress or illness that comes your way.


While maybe eating blueberry pie most days isn’t the best idea, eating its star berry certainly is. From helping out in the gym to helping out in the workplace/classroom, it’s amazing what this little fruit can do!