February 23, 2018

Where to Perform Flexibility Training at the Z-Center

Cardio and weight lifting equipment is great, but often times a lot of your fitness routine will take place away from the machines and on the mat. Foam rolling, stretching, and other flexibility training is an important (and very beneficial) aspect of any good workout plan. So, if you are working out with us in the Z-Center, where can you go? We have rounded up a list of places around the gym that are perfect for a few hamstring stretches or rounds with the foam roller. Some of these spots you may already know about, but there may be a few new places you’ll want to try out!

The Usual Space

Flexibility Training Locations at the Z-Center Flexibility Training Locations at the Z-Center

Stretch Mats on the 2nd Floor Fitness

If you have ever walked onto 2nd Floor Fitness, you won’t be able to miss these two spots located near the entrance. These mats combined are arguably the number one location to stretch or foam roll in the Z-Center. You can also grab a yoga mat and set it out in this area, to the sides of the mats (they can get busy during peak hours). Just be careful not to place it directly in front of the elevator doors or the door by the black mat.


The Multi-purpose Spaces

Flexibility Training Locations at the Z-Center

Multi Activity Court

The Multi Activity Court (or MAC) is just that – perfect for multiple activities. You can shoot hoops, jog the perimeter, and even attend a CrossFit class here. When it’s not being used for a scheduled class, it makes a great spot to spread out and work on your mobility exercises.

Flexibility Training Locations at the Z-Center

MAC Surround

When the MAC is in use, head over to this tucked-away spot along the outside of the court. Be sure to grab a mat first!

Flexibility Training Locations at the Z-Center

DuPont Multipurpose Court 1

Another great and much lesser known spot to stretch is this renovated squash court in DuPont. Located next to our Indoor Golf Range, this court is lined wall-to-wall with mats. It’s another perfect spot to do some stretching.


The Repurposed Spaces

Flexibility Training Locations at the Z-Center

Squash Courts

When not in use for lessons or squash practice, the squash courts on the 3rd floor of the Z-Center are another great spot to stretch out. You’ll just need to grab a mat. Be sure to take off any shoes with marking soles. If the courts are all in use by squash players, you can still take your mat to the small hallway behind the courts. Be sure not to set yourself up in front of any doorways though, and please make sure to return mats and equipment to the fitness center floors.

Flexibility Training Locations at the Z-Center

DuPont Wrestling Room

This room will sometimes be in use for PE classes or boxing instructional programs. When it’s not, feel free to use it for your flexibility training. More than half the room is covered in mats already, so you only need to bring yourself!


A Few Spaces to Avoid

It’s worth noting that there are a few spots you should avoid when setting up to do your flexibility training activities:

The rest of 2nd Floor Fitness

We have filled this floor with as much equipment as we can for you. That means, there is no safe space left to stretch anywhere beyond the spots mentioned above. This includes any spaces between, beside or around the machines.

Near Workout Machines

No matter where they are, whether on the 2nd or 3rd floors of the Z-Center or elsewhere, you shouldn’t set up to foam roll or stretch near the machines. This safety risk – to you and to others – is just not worth taking.

In Doorways, Hallways and Stairwells

It can be tempting to grab a spot in a quiet back hallway, by that emergency door that is never opened, or even on a stairwell landing. Please, resist that temptation. We don’t want any of our patrons stepped on, tripped over or hit with opening doors when they are working on their fitness and health!


We hope you find the perfect spot at the Z-Center to work on your flexibility training!